It’s been over twenty years now since the Downcast lp was first introduced.  I remember being so stoked when I first got it.  During that time there were a lot of political hardcore bands but Downcast’s lyrics weren’t just regurgitated like some of their other bands.  They were intelligent and well thought out.  They punched you in the face.

The booklet that was included with the album was a work of art itself.  You read it and it made you think.  In my opinion they were the best at what they did.

When I had the opportunity to buy a test press there was no hesitation at all. This album is still important to me.  The music was angry and passionate.  It can definitely hold its own against any band today.

This particular version is of the remastered version of the lp notated by the matrix as Ebullition #6. According to Ebullition this was done because the first version which is listed as Ebullition #3 had a horrible sound and after they sold out of it they re-mastered, re-mixed it and re-released it as number 6.

I actually remember when this happened because the label sent me a letter stating since I bought the first version I could buy the new version for three dollars. Pretty awesome move for a label. Could you imagine paying three dollars for an lp during this time.

Anyway, not much to look at but I’m glad to have one nonetheless.

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One Response to Downcast

  1. marcus says:

    Awesome! I was never as into the LP as the 7″, but it’s still a great record. Well done!

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