I always meant to get a copy of “Playland” by Johnny Marr.  For some reason or another though I kept putting it off.  I guess there were other things that I just wanted to buy.

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Marr’s music and when he started doing solo stuff again I was pretty much a fan straight off the bat.  So, it’s pretty strange that I didn’t buy this until this year since it came out in 2014.  This probably would have made it to my top ten last year but since I didn’t own it on vinyl that automatically disqualified it.

Anyways, this has since been resolve but when I was looking to buy a copy of the colored vinyl I found that there were two different copies from two different labels one from Sire and one from Warner Bros.  Being that I didn’t know the difference I just got whatever was at my local record store.


This is the Sire record version on aqua. It just looks blue to me but whatever. I read somewhere that there are a thousand pressed.  I feel that there are more copies floating around though since I see them at every single record store I visit.  If anyone actually knows what the difference is between the WB version and this please let me know.  I’m curious but I just don’t want to buy another copy if they look the same.

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