Empty Heart, Empty Hand

A couple of months ago Mike Hartsfield sold of some test presses from the New Age catalogue through eBay.  I tried not to get sucked in but there were actually some pretty awesome stuff listed so I decided to keep watch on a few of them.  I kept an eye on the Mouthpiece lp, Freewill and the Amendment 18 lp.

Hoping to win all three is pretty much a crapshoot on Ebay but these three items were ones that I were interested in the most out of the several that he had listed.  When it came down to the wire both Mouthpiece and Freewill went into dollar ranges that I didn’t want to mess with.  That left the Amendment 18 lp.


I had a dollar amount in mind that I was mot going to go over. In the end I spent $40 because it was just me and a couple of other people that were paying attention to this.

It was a pretty sweet deal in my opinion and for a New Age lp no less. Thankfully others were trying to get the other heavy hitter and no one really paid attention to this.

There are no frills here or any special cover just plain old black vinyl. Does anyone know how many of these were pressed? It couldn’t have been that many since this came out during the time where a lot of labels only pressed a few copies.

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