Adult Crash 2

When the first Adult Crash came out I was really stoked on it.  I loved seeing all the pictures from shows that I went to in the past. All the photos were taken by Richmond based photographer Dave Brown.

Well when Adult Crash 2 went for pre-order I knew that I needed to get one since I enjoyed the first one a lot.  Well I finally got it and all I can say is it does not disappoint. The biggest difference between the two books is this features different photographers as opposed to just Dave Brown photos in the first one.

FullSizeRender 3

What’s great about this is there are also many pictures here of DC and Richmond shows that I went to. Damn those were awesome times. It kinda makes me regret that I never bothered to take a camera to any of these shows.

FullSizeRender 2

Now, I would have purchased this just for the book, but to include a pretty sweet sounding record was just a bonus for me. The record features cover songs performed by Violent Reaction, Barge, Night Birds and Government warning.


As you can see I got the red version of the record. There is also a black version out there. Pressing info is unknown to me but I’m sure that both are still available. Go get it.

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