Pay the Cost

So, I finally received both copies of the new No Tolerance lp, “You Walk Alone”. While it technically was released last year, I was waiting on my Painkiller release until I actually posted something about this.  Also, I just don’t know how I feel about this record since I haven’t really paid much attention to it.

I think it’s really good but for some reason I’ve just neglected it for other records.  We’ll have to wait and see if my opinion changes as I finally put these songs on my iPhone so I can listen to them in the car.


As many of you know there were two versions of this record released. The blue version was released by the always solid label Quality Control HQ. This was limited to 200 copies and from what I remember it sold out pretty quickly. I actually ran out of work just to order this so that I could get my hands on a colored copy.

FullSizeRender 2

Then we have the Painkiller Records release which is on a really cool looking clear red, which I really prefer just because of the clear factor. I believe this is out of 325. I also consider myself lucky to get this because ordering from Painkiller is always a crapshoot and you’re never guaranteed to get a colored copy.

We’ll see what happens with my opinion of this record in the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll get to experience listening to this more. I probably just need to pay attention to it a bit more.

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