Records that I’ve ordered are finally starting to show up in the mail which is pretty awesome. Sometimes the wait just kills you especially i it’s coming from overseas. You wonder if it got lost somehow but you still wait for it anxiously.

Well the wait is finally over for one of these. I finally receive a pink copy of Econochrist’s “Ruination” If you guys remember from last year I was able to score a “gold” copy of the album.  I was already happy with that but when I was scoping out some pics online I saw that there was a pink/purple copy.  Well, I knew at that point that I had to chase one down.


This thing looks amazing. I’m glad that I finally got a copy but I know for a fact that there are darker version out there as with all purple/pink records. Will I take that plunge and actually chase down a copy? I’ll probably wait it out and see if I can get one on the cheap side or if I just happen to come across one. I mean who needs multiple purple copies of anything. Ha!

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