Yellow Door

As some of you may know I collect Reason To Believe records.  For some reason or another though I’ve been neglecting on finishing up my “The Next Door” collection.  Well, I finally got of my ass a couple of months ago and found a really cheap copy of said 7″ on yellow.

While there are other colors that I would like to add eventually I really wanted to get the yellow copy.  Well after what seemed like a really long delay I finally got my copy.  I didn’t really pay attention to it when it first arrived.  I just added it to this pile of records that I needed to file away.

I finally got a chance to inspect it today and what I saw irked me at first.  Someone had written on the front cover, “Scott thank you”.  It kinda irked me but whatever.  I can find another jacket.  What I didn’t notice until this evening though was that it was signed by none other than Jonathan Bunch.

FullSizeRender 2

I couldn’t believe it. Why would have someone let this go? I guess the $8 I gave him was more important than keeping this. While I wish that it wasn’t personalized, I’m gonna say that this is a pretty awesome piece to add to my collection.


Now that I have this I need to get my ass in gear and track down one of the rarest copies of this record. It’s probably gonna give me a heart attack just trying to track one down. Anyone got a purple copy for sale?

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