Nothing Less

It couldn’t last forever but what Mindset did for hardcore was pretty much incredible.  Thankfully the band is gifting us with one final release before cease to exist.  Although, I’m sure they still have some music left in them.  I guess it’s better to leave on a high note rather than just fade away.

That being said I was actually at work when the pre-order went online and when I did finally get online I found that the rarest version was already sold out.  I didn’t even worry about it.  I ordered what they had just because I wanted to get my hands on this last record. I got my black and clear copies a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped playing the record since then.


Well, I really wanted to get a copy of the red version so I went on to both Discogs and Ebay just to see if I could find it anywhere. I guess it was still too new when I was looking and they were nowhere to be found. Last week however I got a notice from Discogs that someone was selling their red copy.  Done deal.


I was already happy with what I had but I knew that there was still a tour version out there that I needed to get my hands on. Thus far I’m not having any luck with that. As a consolation though I made it out to Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore for Record Store Day. I found out on their Instagram that they were selling an RSD version of the record.

IMG_4918 (1)


Is it a bad thing to say that I like the “Tiny Giants” rip cover over the regular cover?  Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy a copy of this since they had a pretty long line when I got there.  I was kinda scared that I wasn’t going to be able to get a copy.  Mission accomplished.

So, I just bought tickets to the React! Record Showcase.  The line up is pretty incredible but the highlight is definitely seeing Mindset one final time.  Who knows there might even be a farewell copy of this record there.  You never know.

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2 Responses to Nothing Less

  1. massivewaste says:

    Still need any version of this … It is awesome to see how the RSD layout fits to the regular version.

  2. Mike P says:

    This looks amazing. My copy arrived yesterday. Thanks man!

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