Cold Heart

I didn’t really think this was every going to happen again, but there was always hope due to all the reunion shows that have been played within the past few years. Dag Nasty graces us with two new songs with the original lineup.  Being a huge Shawn Brown fan I was ecstatic with the news of this release.


The two new songs are great. They still deliver the same raw intensity as the original releases with Shawn on vocals. I just hope this continues and an LP will somehow come into fruition.

FullSizeRender 2

It’s a nice simple layout with regular back vinyl just like it should be.  Although, I wouldn’t complain if they came out with a red version to match the highlights of the cover.

FullSizeRender 3

I you haven’t picked this up yet go get it through Dischord.  This is already a classic in my opinion.  Then again, I’m pretty biased when it comes to DC and Dischord bands.

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4 Responses to Cold Heart

  1. outofstepsince81 says:

    Definitly one of my favorite releases of the year. I find the diversity in the songs interesting. Cold Heart could be a song that was taken from Can I Say but the riff might even be an old Minor Threat song. Wanting Nothing has a more melodic and modern sound and could be on Wig Out or on Four On The Floor.

  2. massivewaste says:

    I am so old … uuuh – I was always asking myself if younger people look at the whole HC / Punk thing like I did when I was 17 on let´s say Elvis (totally boring music for old people with greasy hair)? I mean I was a teen in the eighties and Elvis was back then only a few years dead, so from the timeline, Elvis was much more up to date than in compariso the Teen Idles or Antidote to today.

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