Rock the Fuck on Forever

What a brilliant title for an LP.  I knew this was worth getting just because of the title alone.  Anyway, Angel Du$t is back at it again with their own brand of hardcore.  I must say that I am already hooked.  Just like their previous LP I don’t think this will be leaving the side of my turntable for a while.  It just pumps me up.  It’s upbeat, catchy, and does rock out all at the same time.


Pretty stoked on getting a copy on pink as it was the most limited numbering 200. While I did want to get other copies I just needed to save my money this time around. I just think five different colors for a first press is a little too much for me to handle this time.  I guess Popwig just got a little too ambitious with their first release.

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2

I also got the first couple of seven-inches that they released prior to the LP with b-sides that were non LP tracks. “Upside Down” was part of a one time pressing of 750 with 220 of this being clear. This was released by Grave Mistake. “Stay” was released by Photobooth Records out of 200.

Lately, all I’ve been getting have been new releases. I have to remedy that soon as I need to actually attack my want list or they’ll just stay there forever.

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One Response to Rock the Fuck on Forever

  1. Willem RWHAF says:

    makes me want to check it…

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