The Weak Generation

When speaking of my favorite Seaweed album it has always been a toss-up between “Four” and “Weak” for me.  I think “Weak” just edges out “Four” due to it being the one of those LPs that never used to leave my turntable.  I used to listen to that album nonstop when I was a kid.

Twenty plus years later the album still holds up as one of Sub Pop’s best releases.  So when a chance came up to add something pretty cool to my Seaweed collection you know I just had to give in.


I recently bought a test press copy of the European version of “Weak”. While it might not be the US version of the album I just needed to have it due to its uniqueness. I didn’t care I just went for it and bam a week later here it is.

There’s not really much to it. It’s a black record in a white sleeve. What I do like is the promo flyer that came with it.  Who knew that they were Sub Pop’s All-Boy band?

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One Response to The Weak Generation

  1. marcus says:

    I thought you had this one already for some reason. Cool pickup though!

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