What is your reason to believe?

Earlier this year a whole ton of bands got together to celebrate the life of Jon Bunch.  One of those bands was Outspoken.  I used to be a pretty big fan of Outspoken and was kinda disappointed that I couldn’t make it out to LA for this phenomenal show.  At the show there was a special  “A Light in the Dark” pressing made for this show.  I didn’t really think much of it as I thought I probably would never be able to get a copy and I should just spend my money elsewhere.

Well being that I find out everything through Instagram now, I found out that there were some left over from the show that they had put online through Rev.  So, I decided to place an order.  Well, I lucked out with them as they apparently sold out.  Oh well.  No loss.

Sometime around May I then find out that it is also available through Outspoken’s Bigcartel site. I just couldn’t help myself this time. Well, three months later my order finally arrived.


Overall, it’s a pretty nice looking copy of the record. The hand written labels are definitely what make it. If it wasn’t for this I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

This is out of 200 and is still available.

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