Miracle Drug

I believe the first time I heard of Miracle Drug was from some random blog post. It sounded interesting and I thought I should check them out.  Being members of Mouthpiece, By the Grace of God, Supertouch and C.R. didn’t hurt either.  I gave the demo a few listens and eventually downloaded it.  That was sometime last year.

Well this year, the demo finally made it to a much better format and I knew I had to get a copy.  So preorders happened, I received it, shelved it and forgot about it until recently.  (For some reason I’ve been doing that a lot lately.) I actually saw an Instagram post and figured it was time to give this thing a listen again.


I’ve been listening to this since the beginning of the week and I must say it’s pretty damn good. If the demo is this good I wonder how good the next record is going to be.


Trip Machine Laboratories did one of those all color bundles at a reduced price so I took full advantage of it.  I guess I couldn’t help myself.


102 Clear Orange Vinyl – Hand Numbered
147 White Vinyl
252 Clay Vinyl

They still have copies of the white and clay versions. Go get it before they run out.  Also, someone get me a test press since I didn’t win the preorder contest.

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