World Be Free

I was actually pretty excited when this album came out.  To me it was a fun summer album that I could listen to driving around. From the videos and pics I’ve seen online they also put on a pretty good show.  So yes, when this was released I was pretty stoked on getting the first pressings.



I was cool with just having the two copies but Rev decided that there needed to be additional pressings soon after. Again, I caved. I got another copy. This time on black with hand stamped labels.


It’s cool. I could handle getting another copy. I was going to leave it at that. I held off on getting the clear version. I could always wait on it. There were other things that I wanted. Wait….the other shoe dropped.

The announcement came that there was going to be a different version put out by the band with screen printed covers. Of course I had to get it. What the hell? Well on that day the internet broke as everyone tried to get copies of this version which was limited to 100 copies.



Well, I thought I was finally done with this. I never thought about getting a copy of the record release cover since it was so sought after. I mean who would get rid of their copy, right?

Damn it. I found a copy. I didn’t even hesitate. I finally got that copy a couple of days ago.



I guess this is where I just breakdown and buy a copy of the clear one. No self-control.

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