Mouthpiece GI Joe

When Mouthpiece played This is Hardcore back in 2011 they came out with this limited version of their discography.  I actually thought that I was never going to own one of these things as they were limited to 50.


The cover itself is of an old GI Joe with a gold Revelation Records logo. In my opinion this is one of the best looking covers out there. To finally own it after all this time goes to shows me that if I’m patient enough I can get what I want.


I don’t know what these were going for but I know that I got this at the bargain bin price of $17. When I posted this on my Instagram someone commented that they sold theirs for ten times that much.

What I need to do now is visit this seller again to see if they have any other hidden gems in their collection that I can get for a steal.

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One Response to Mouthpiece GI Joe

  1. Mike says:

    Amazing! Great score!

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