I’ve been avoiding Ebay on purpose the past few months.  I just didn’t want to spend any more than what I have been on records.  As it turns out though there are specific searches that alert me when they come up.  So when my Headfirst alert triggered I decided to take a look.  It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, I saw something that intrigued me enough to take a chance and actually dish out some cash.


What we have here looks like a blank label copy of the Headfirst “Intervention” record. I listened to it and it is definitely the record. The matrix matches the Jester Records version of the record. It also has GONZ in black marker on the labels.  So, what exactly is this?

All the copies of this record that I have ever seen has never had any blank labels. So is this a test press, a blank label copy? I don’t think anyone would ever make a boot of this record. Someone, please shed some light on this for me.

Since we’re discussing Headfirst, I’m still looking the a red copy of “Back in Control”. I’ve been trying to track down a copy for twenty years now. Someone has to have a copy that they are willing to sell.

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One Response to Gonz

  1. Nico Welmer says:

    Very nice, most likely a test press indeed. I have been on a heavy Headfirst crush lately. I love how the triple LP came out, for some reason I only managed to buy it this year and I am slowly getting all the records. I have not ventured into the colored vinyl yet. But seeing it is Workshed release, there are probably a lot of different colors and unintended variations.

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