Maybe Next Year

The bad thing about reading other blogs is that you see things the you might have missed out on or have forgotten about.  Such is the case with Reach the Sky.  I used to love seeing this band but hadn’t really paid any attention to them until recently.

Both Mike and Marcus posted about acquiring Reach the Sky records.  I commented on one of the posts that I never managed to get any of the records on vinyl.  So not to be left out I decided that I just needed to at least get “So Far From Home” on vinyl. Well, I kinda went overboard and got three copies all from the same seller.

So, first up is the most limited version on green out of 314.


Next is blue out of 515.


Lastly, we have a black version with hand stamped and numbered envelope containing the lyric sheet out of 500.


I can’t believe I forgot about this.  I’ve actually been listening to this a lot lately.  Well, now that this is done I’m gonna have to remedy that I don’t have “Friends, Lies, and the End of the World” on vinyl.

Maybe, I’ll get lucky again and just get them all in one fell swoop.

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2 Responses to Maybe Next Year

  1. Mike P says:

    Well done! Now I’m going to have to quickly get a copy of Friends, Lies before you do! The race is on!

  2. marcus says:

    I can’t believe you two amaters don’t have a copy of the other LP. Pah.

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