The Crayon Club

Other than Mike, from the One Thing That Still holds True blog, I might be the only person that still knows who Shotmaker is.  Well, that’s definitely an exaggeration as Shotmaker was one of those bands that made a lot of waves in the 90s.  This was especially true when you got a lot of stuff from distros like Ebullition.

Then first time I hear Shotmaker was when I got their split with Maximilian Colby.  I was blown away by the intensity and spazziness of the music.  Loud shrill vocals that would leave your ears bleeding was what I remember most from seeing them live.

“The Crayon Club” was their first full length lp and when I hear that it was releasing I got in contact with one of the local record shops here to get it for me.  I believe I actually got my copy  from either Ebullition or Lumberjack Distribution.

Anyways,  I found a test press for this album and I jumped at it.  The initial asking price was kinda high so I made a pretty decent offer instead.  Thankfully it was decent enough for the seller.


No frills here. No exciting cover. Just knowing that I have this is good enough for me.

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One Response to The Crayon Club

  1. Mike P says:

    This is awesome! Shotmaker are one of my favorites from that era, and this album still rules. Nice job on a test press!

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