Here’s another record which I picked up at the tail end of October when I saw Turnstile.  I had seen Krimewatch on one of their previous visits to DC.  I was pretty eager to see them play as they really rocked out the first time I saw them.  They play a pretty interesting blend of Japanese punk and hardcore.  What’s awesome is that they make it work.  It’s fast, raw and noisy.


I picked up a copy of their 7″ on clear pink which was released on Lockin’Out out of 300.  Luckily I decided to pick this up since it looks like the label has since sold out.


The whole 7″ is pretty catchy and is a really quick listen at around six minutes.  Being that this is only a demo I hope to hear more from this band.  Maybe an l.p. will grace us in the future.  Like I said, “I want to hear more !!!”

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