The New Standard

I am still very much intrigued by the hardcore that is coming out of the UK nowadays.  Granted, I’m probably only touching the surface and there are more bands that I need to discover.  The newest band that I’ve been listening to is True Vision.  This is mostly due to their relation with both Obstruct and Violent Reaction.


Whenever, I’ve listened to this record I immediately start listening to both Sick of it All and Youth of Today. That’s what I hear from this record. Maybe, I’m just reading too much into this.  What do I know?


Anyway, I ordered this from Quality Control HQ.  The blue cover with blue vinyl and red cover with black vinyl are both out of 300.  Both of these are still available at this time.  Here’s what’s up though.  I ordered a copy of this on gold from Painkiller Records in December.  Maybe it was a pre-order and I just wasn’t paying attention but it would’ve been nice to get them all at the same time.

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