Blizzard of 93′

My Frostbite collection has always been pretty much nonexistent.  Every time I buy one of these records it’s always left my possession for some reason.  I can never keep one in my collection.  Well, I found two records recently that I’ve actually always wanted. So, I figure why not actually try to get this collection going. It couldn’t hurt, right?


First up is this Liberty Bell cover out of 250. Apparently, this was for some a Robby Redcheeks birthday bash.


Next one is a pretty cool Sex Pistols cover rip. Supposedly these are a little bit harder to get and are out of 77. I guess this was a release party version.


What’s crazy is that this probably isn’t even considered rare by Frostbite collectors. There are so many variants of this record that I might never come close to completing this collection.


I’m probably going to drive myself crazy trying to get other copies of this record. As I write this I’m already giving myself a headache thinking about getting more copies of this fucking record.  Fucking Dead by 23.

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One Response to Blizzard of 93′

  1. marcus says:

    Get out while you still can…

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