Subject to red

It’s the last day of the month and I felt that I needed to get this post out since I got this record this month.  Some of you may recall a want list I posted in the beginning of the month.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to get any of those records.  Even though I haven’t made a dent in that want list I have been getting some phenomenal records.  A copy of “Subject to Change” on red is one such record.


I’ve been looking for a copy of this for so long I didn’t think I was actually going to get one. Especially since there are supposedly an unknown amount of these floating around.  This is actually the first one I’ve seen sold in the past three years.  No one just wants to give these up.


I’m really stoked about getting this and now having three of the five colored vinyl that this was pressed on. I can only imagine what I have to do to get a white or clear copy. At this point I’ll just consider myself lucky and see what happens. This one fell into my lap. The others might also someday.

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One Response to Subject to red

  1. Mike P says:

    Nice! Yeah, I know that feeling of buying other great records while our Want List sits there untouched and mocking you. Ha!

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