I am Ashley

It’s been a few years now since Give release the “I am Live” record.  That year the band released two special covers for Record Store Day.  I easily grabbed a copy of the Dan Horres version of record.  It was the elusive Ashley Sykes cover that I never found.  As it turns out though it was only released at the Boston Tea Shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  At that time I didn’t even bother trying to track one down.  I didn’t know anyone in Boston so I couldn’t even fathom how to track one down.


Years later I finally found one and I’m glad to scratch this off my wantlist. The thing is it took Ian Marshall, the band’s guitarist, to sell his own copy for me to get one. What happened to the other copies? Supposedly, there were 50 copies made of this particular cover. I think there are less than that since I’ve never even seen a copy until I got mine.


Whatever the story is with this I’m just glad I was able to finally track one down. Now, I have to find a way to get a hold of the other rare Give record that I want. Those might be impossible to get unless I get lucky again.

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One Response to I am Ashley

  1. Mark says:

    Ya know. This record caused me a whole lot of stress. My now wife was in grad school in Cambridge at this time this was released and I hired her to get this for me. (I was living several states away at the time.) She stopped by there on Record Store Day to grab this. Not only was it not there on RSD, it apparently never got sold there. How do I know that? Because my poor wife stopped there a bunch of other times in between class at my insistence (for something like a week) and every time she stopped in the person working there was like “what are you looking for?” I see this post and not only am I jealous, but annoyed. haha. Love this blog!

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