Time and Pressure – RSD

So, here’s another record that fell into my lap with a pretty cool rip off cover. This is the “Time and Pressure” RSD cover which was released back in 2011. In case you didn’t know, the cover is a rip of the Funhouse Records release of “We’re Not in this Alone”.


This came out of the second pressing of the record which there were 200 light blue records pressed but only 40 were made with this particular cover. This was definitely a chore to find since there were so few of these things available. I really wanted one of these for a while now since I would then have all the RSD releases for Mindset.


There are still a few Mindset records that I am looking for to complete my collection. Most of them will probably be a little hard to find since they are tour/record release covers and transitional pieces. Here’s to hoping that I find them sooner than later.

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One Response to Time and Pressure – RSD

  1. Mike says:

    Nice score. React always did an outstanding job with their RSD releases.

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