Hide From Reality

Everything that Protester has put out has been pure gold.  Then again I’m probably biased since I’ve seen these dudes play a lot recently.  In reality, I do really like this album a lot.  It’s pure rage and fury.


This was really a no brainer for me when pre-orders went up for sale. I was all in. Here’s what sucks though. I bought a record release cover of this album at one of their shows and I left it on the train. Fuck. I guess it’s cool that I was at least able to get this blue version out of 200.

DSC_0259 (1)

Well that brings us to RSD 2017 and Joint Custody had to have an exclusive release. Apparently there were 85 of this orange version. Here’s the kicker though. On the Joint Custody Instagram you can clearly see them burning and breaking a few of these for shits and giggles. So, it’s anyone’s guess to how many are actually out there.

Someone get at me with record release version.

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3 Responses to Hide From Reality

  1. Willem RWHAF says:

    Why would they destroy these records?

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