June 3, 2000

So years ago 4 Walls Falling played a reunion show at St. Andrews in Maryland. I was really stoked on going to this show. At this point I hadn’t seen 4 Walls play in a long time. They were one of my favorite bands to see live and I made plans to see them. There was nothing that was going to stop me.


Well, here’s the kicker. I actually got a call from this girl Heather that night reminding me to pick her up from her work. I had an “oh fuck” moment at that point. I actually had a date that night to see one of Heather’s favorite bands, The Dismemberment Plan.

Fuck. What was I supposed to do?

I ended up taking her to see The Dismemberment Plan at the Black Cat that night. 4 Walls Falling never played again.

So, I got this record as a reminder of what should have been an awesome hardcore night. Heather and I broke up two weeks later.

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One Response to June 3, 2000

  1. Mike says:

    I love 4 Walls Falling, but this record is still a bit of an oddball. I need this pressing though, because that cover is great!

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