May I Be I

The first time I heard the Free demo I wanted them to release a 7″ as soon as possible.  Then I finally saw them play in DC last year and I was hooked. Anything Pat Flynn touched was pretty much gold in my eyes.  So, I pretty much had high expectations for their first record.


The thing is though I think I waited too long for this 7″ to come to fruition. Even after listening to it a few times now I think I hyped myself up too much for this record.


I like what I’m hearing and I know that once I really listen to it I know I’ll probably get hooked. Right now though I’m listening to other things. I think I’ll revisit this in a couple of days during a day off to actually absorb this record.

200 on clear and 500 on grey from Triple-B Records.

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One Response to May I Be I

  1. Mike says:

    Nice job on the clear vinyl. You were luckier than most of us…

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