Hide From Reality

Everything that Protester has put out has been pure gold.  Then again I’m probably biased since I’ve seen these dudes play a lot recently.  In reality, I do really like this album a lot.  It’s pure rage and fury.


This was really a no brainer for me when pre-orders went up for sale. I was all in. Here’s what sucks though. I bought a record release cover of this album at one of their shows and I left it on the train. Fuck. I guess it’s cool that I was at least able to get this blue version out of 200.

DSC_0259 (1)

Well that brings us to RSD 2017 and Joint Custody had to have an exclusive release. Apparently there were 85 of this orange version. Here’s the kicker though. On the Joint Custody Instagram you can clearly see them burning and breaking a few of these for shits and giggles. So, it’s anyone’s guess to how many are actually out there.

Someone get at me with record release version.

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For the Rejected by the Rejected

I recently saw Battery play Damaged City Fest.  I hadn’t seen them since they played a one-off show at the Red Palace in DC in preparation for the Revelation anniversary shows in New York.  Before that I felt like it had been ten years since they played.

I’ve been listening to these guys since ’92 so for me to relive part of my teenaged years was simply what I needed to put a smile on my grumpy old man face.


Another reason for my attending was I wanted to get a copy of “For the Rejected by the Rejected” which I guess is a best of album. They were all hand numbered and stayed with a cool silk screened cover depicting the Exorcist steps which I frequently went to as a kid.


What’s sad is that I won’t be able to see them in California for those Rev shows. It would’ve been awesome seeing them play with all the other Rev bands. I’m gonna have to see if anyone could help me out if they have different copies of the album for that show.

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Stellar Prophecy

Record Store Day still gives me a headache even though I go out every year to see what I can get.  I didn’t go crazy this year as I actually didn’t find a lot of the stuff that I was looking for.  I also just skipped over a lot of stuff since it seems that every year the cost of RSD releases seem to be increasing.

What I did find was a copy of The Black Rainbows “Stellar Prophecy” which was released last year.  I had trouble getting a copy of this last year so I was pretty stoked on getting a copy of this record.


While the first track doesn’t do it for me at all, the rest of the album is pretty amazing. Fuzzy, psychedelic stoner rock.  Damn I love this stuff.

There were two different version from what I saw.  I opted to get the red cover with the orange vinyl.  The other had a green cover with a fluorescent green splatter.  Meh.  I think I made the right decision.

I think I might also have to explore their early releases now.  I’ve said that before with other bands.  Maybe, I’ll follow through with this one.

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Time and Pressure – RSD

So, here’s another record that fell into my lap with a pretty cool rip off cover. This is the “Time and Pressure” RSD cover which was released back in 2011. In case you didn’t know, the cover is a rip of the Funhouse Records release of “We’re Not in this Alone”.


This came out of the second pressing of the record which there were 200 light blue records pressed but only 40 were made with this particular cover. This was definitely a chore to find since there were so few of these things available. I really wanted one of these for a while now since I would then have all the RSD releases for Mindset.


There are still a few Mindset records that I am looking for to complete my collection. Most of them will probably be a little hard to find since they are tour/record release covers and transitional pieces. Here’s to hoping that I find them sooner than later.

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It’s been a long time but I’m back.  I just needed to recover from a broken ankle but all is well now.  Anyway,  I was warned to stay away from the Frostbite 7″ so I wouldn’t get sucked in to collecting this.  I guess I couldn’t help myself and I picked up another copy of this phenomenal record.


As you can see this has a pretty nice rip of the Floorpunch 7″. I’m a sucker for picking up alternate covers so this shouldn’t be a surprise that I got trapped into buying this.

Maybe, this will be the last Frostbite record I buy. The rest of the variants are pretty hard to get and would probably cost me a lot more than I’m willing to pay.

Who am I kidding?

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