Fracturing – Test Press

I remember seeing Police and Thieves when they were still around playing shows in DC.   I always ad fun seeing them live.  For some reason though I never really collected their records.  I do own a copy of “Fracturing” which I’m sure I bought either from the band or a local record shop.  I never did chase any of their limited covers though.


Well things have changed and I now I find myself in possession of a test press. This was definitely an impulse buy as I was not really looking to having a complete P&T collection.


According to Discogs there are 12 of these in existence. In fact one is being sold there right now by the singer, Carlos, himself.  Someone go grab it from him.

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Time and Power

It’s been a couple of years now since Mindset broke up but I’m still catching up with collecting their records.  They have a ton of cover variants and transition colors that it seems that I will  never get a hold of all of them.  Thankfully I find two more additions so that will keep me content for a little bit.



First up is the “Realpower” record release. This was part of the first press run on red out of 200. These, however, came with an alternate silk screened cover out of 78.


Next up is another record release press. This was for the “Time and Pressure” record. This was on yellow vinyl out of a hundred. No alternate over but they did stamp the the dust sleeve with their logo.

So if anyone out there has any rare Mindset stuff that you are willing to part with let me know. I’m especially looking for tour covers and transition colors.
These are probably going hard to come by but all I can do is ask.

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I was very hesitant to buy the new Graveyard album, “Peace”, due to my lack of enthusiasm for their last album.  When I finally go to listen to the first single, “Please Don’t”, I decided to give it a shot.


There are plenty of good songs on this record. What I greatly dislike about it is it just doesn’t flow right. This is exactly why I stopped listening to the last album. I’m probably just nit picking.


I will say that I like this much better than “Innocence and Decadence”. I like the bluesy influence and the gritty vocals. I’ve listened to this around ten times now and I’ve overlooked the little inconsistencies that drive me crazy. I just rearranged the songs to suit my needs.

I got this on pre-order from Nuclear Blast.  Coke bottle green with red splatter out of 350.

For shits and giggles watch this unboxing of the record I found.

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Back in April I went to Damaged City Fest.  There were tons of bands many of them I’ve never seen or heard.  Witchtrial, from DC, was one of these bands that took me by surprise.

After seeing them perform I decided to grab a copy of their demo record. I’ve gotta say that this is pretty awesome for a demo. Apparently you’ll really like this band if you’re into Venom, early Bathory, English Dogs and Amebix.  That’s a tough crowd to be compared to.


Released by Beach Impediment Records 500 copies were pressed only on black.  I’m actually surprised that this isn’t sold out yet.


Have a listen to these guys because if their demo is this good I can’t wait for a proper release.  Better yet go grab a copy from the band. Also, as a final note, that cover is pretty fucking amazing.

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Reason for Hate

Here’s a record that I bought on a whim.  I’d never heard of Reason for Hate before but when I was researching them I found that they had two members of Sunny Day Real Estate as members (Jeremy Enigk and William Goldsmith). Interesting. Hardcore band hailing from Seattle, why not?

I decided to give it a chance.  Interestingly enough this is stuff that I would have listened to back in 1991 when the cassette version of these songs were originally released.  This is a great example of angry, political hardcore which I ate up in the nineties.


According to Discogs the record version came out in 2005. There were 300 pressed of which only 55 were on clear.


I actually got this for less than $10 which is way lower than what the singer from the band is selling this for on Discogs. I guess you can’t be anti-capitalist forever.

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