Burn – Mountain

First of all, I have to say that this was a pain in the ass to get.  Numbering only 150 I think that they only sold this at European shows (at least that was what I heard).  If there was an online order process for this I totally missed it.


Missing orders happens more and more now as I’m pretty much out of the loop with release a lot of release announcements. I had to get a copy through Discogs since no one I knew had extra copies. Definitely paid too much for this but I knew I couldn’t miss my chance since there was a huge chance this was going to go up in price.


Are there any other versions of this that I need to chase down? I’m actually pretty curious about this. Let me know and if you wanna sell a copy hit me up.

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1 Response to Burn – Mountain

  1. outofstepsince81 says:

    Red wasn’t sold during the tour, they only had a the 7″ on black vinyl (with a stamp of the first Burn logo on the inner sleeve, if I remember that correctly)

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