Burn – Mountain

First of all, I have to say that this was a pain in the ass to get.  Numbering only 150 I think that they only sold this at European shows (at least that was what I heard).  If there was an online order process for this I totally missed it.


Missing orders happens more and more now as I’m pretty much out of the loop with release a lot of release announcements. I had to get a copy through Discogs since no one I knew had extra copies. Definitely paid too much for this but I knew I couldn’t miss my chance since there was a huge chance this was going to go up in price.


Are there any other versions of this that I need to chase down? I’m actually pretty curious about this. Let me know and if you wanna sell a copy hit me up.

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Another Line of Sight

Back in June I posted about getting the Line of Sight record from Youngblood.  Well Refuse Records  decided to put out a 12″ representing both the demo and the Youngblood release.  Of course I had to get a copy since I wanted to listen to those remastered demo songs on vinyl.


Back when pre-orders were happening Refuse had red and black copies. I opted to get a red copy thinking it was the most limited version. Now, I find out that there was also a clear tour version that I need to get my hands on.  Maybe one day I’ll grab a clear copy since I see that they are available though the website.


Oh yeah, they also had a couple of test pressings for sale.  So, I snagged one of those instead of a black copy since the price was really decent.

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The Weight Test

I usually leave things up to chance when buying stuff for my want-list.  I actually haven’t been doing much active looking lately.  Although, I have been picking up things here and there.  Here’s a record that fell into my lap a few months ago.


Apparently, I was searching for a test press of this Seaweed record. So when I was offered a chance to buy it who was I to decline the offer.


What’s weird is that I was able to get this faster than the brown vinyl. I used to ask around for that version but was never able to get one. Maybe someone can help me out with that.

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The Glory of America’s Hardcore

I love it when labels sell limited stuff for a decent price. This rarely happens as most of these limited covers are picked up by flippers and sold on eBay or Discogs for a ridiculous price. When Triple B mentioned that they were selling extras of the Glory lp with a limited cover, I was all over it.


This was limited cover was printed for the America’s Hardcore show back in December of last year.  While a tempting fest to go to I usually just  stay around my immediate vicinity for shows, so grabbing one of these suckers was probably going to be close to impossible if it there weren’t any extras.

There were 50 of these available with a blank b-side label.  It would be cool to see more labels do this sort of stuff instead of waiting for a few months before hiking up the price.

I guess that doesn’t really matter since there’s always a sucker like me around. Blah…

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When people grow, people go to Europe

I consider myself a pretty big fan of Blacklisted. All their releases have stayed consistent and have been pretty solid. All the releases also manage to have a ton of variants. So basically I’m still chasing a bunch since my Blacklisted collection is measly compared to others.


So when I saw a Euro tour version of their last record come up for sale I decided splurge a little and grab it.  It’s a pretty sweet looking cover out of 85.


This came with the white version of the record which is the most common pressing. Doesn’t matter though since that bad ass cover made it collectible. Apparently there is also an Australian tour version out of 100. Eventually it’ll fall into my lap. Until then I’m content with what I’ve been lucky enough to get.

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