Time and Pressure – RSD

So, here’s another record that fell into my lap with a pretty cool rip off cover. This is the “Time and Pressure” RSD cover which was released back in 2011. In case you didn’t know, the cover is a rip of the Funhouse Records release of “We’re Not in this Alone”.


This came out of the second pressing of the record which there were 200 light blue records pressed but only 40 were made with this particular cover. This was definitely a chore to find since there were so few of these things available. I really wanted one of these for a while now since I would then have all the RSD releases for Mindset.


There are still a few Mindset records that I am looking for to complete my collection. Most of them will probably be a little hard to find since they are tour/record release covers and transitional pieces. Here’s to hoping that I find them sooner than later.

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It’s been a long time but I’m back.  I just needed to recover from a broken ankle but all is well now.  Anyway,  I was warned to stay away from the Frostbite 7″ so I wouldn’t get sucked in to collecting this.  I guess I couldn’t help myself and I picked up another copy of this phenomenal record.


As you can see this has a pretty nice rip of the Floorpunch 7″. I’m a sucker for picking up alternate covers so this shouldn’t be a surprise that I got trapped into buying this.

Maybe, this will be the last Frostbite record I buy. The rest of the variants are pretty hard to get and would probably cost me a lot more than I’m willing to pay.

Who am I kidding?

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I am Ashley

It’s been a few years now since Give release the “I am Live” record.  That year the band released two special covers for Record Store Day.  I easily grabbed a copy of the Dan Horres version of record.  It was the elusive Ashley Sykes cover that I never found.  As it turns out though it was only released at the Boston Tea Shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  At that time I didn’t even bother trying to track one down.  I didn’t know anyone in Boston so I couldn’t even fathom how to track one down.


Years later I finally found one and I’m glad to scratch this off my wantlist. The thing is it took Ian Marshall, the band’s guitarist, to sell his own copy for me to get one. What happened to the other copies? Supposedly, there were 50 copies made of this particular cover. I think there are less than that since I’ve never even seen a copy until I got mine.


Whatever the story is with this I’m just glad I was able to finally track one down. Now, I have to find a way to get a hold of the other rare Give record that I want. Those might be impossible to get unless I get lucky again.

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Search Record Release

If you are into hardcore at all, you’ve probably already hear dof the band Search.  In case you haven’t or have been living under a rock, Search consists of members of Turning Point, Floorpunch and Mouthpiece.  If there was a thing as a hardcore supergroup, I would probably consider Search to be one that defines it.

I was lucky enough to see them perform at their record release show this past weekend.  While I didn’t know a lot of the songs by heart I was still able to enjoy watching the band as Tim tore up the stage and got the crowd going.  Interestingly enough they also played a few new songs since they are apparently working on a proper full length record.


There were 60 red screened logo covers (The regular version had a blue logo), date stamped and hand-numbered copies (I got number 10 in case you were wondering.) of the record release cover available for sale.  All of which contained the blue version of the record.

They limited the number of copies you could buy to two per person.  This put me in a bit of a bind because I wanted one for myself and I wanted to get two more for surprises.  Thankfully, I was able to work something out and I ended up with what I needed plus extras.  Also, they sold out in about 10 minutes.  I’m glad we got there early.


This was a proper record release as it came with the flyer for the show and they threw in a sticker as well.  This was a killer show.  My buddies and I are still talking about how stacked this lineup was.


Sadly, I still haven’t received my copies from Rev.  I was hoping to get them by the time I posted this but still no luck. Hopefully, I get them soon as I’m starting to get antsy and I want that clear version.

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Electric Flower Cult part 2

Lockin’ Out finally released the colored version of Give’s newest 12″.  From what I remember though this was supposed to be released  some time ago.  I guess you can’t really rush these things.  I have to say that it was worth the wait as the gold color that they picked out really complements the flowers on the front cover.


As I mentioned in a previous post I got a black copy when I say them recently.  If you are a fan of Give you better hope they play some of these songs live because they will not disappoint you.


The only thing that disappoints me is that this is only an e.p.  The songs came from the same sessions as Sonic Bloom e.p. and Electric Flower Circus l.p.  That means these songs have been in the vault for at least a couple of years now.  Maybe a new l.p. will be in the works soon.  One can only hope that their creative juices haven’t slowed down.

The gold is still available from Lockin’ Out. Go get it.

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