Nuclear Age

When going to fests I always make my way to the merch section because sometimes there are some petty cool things that you might find.  On Saturday while I was at the Red Death table I happen to come across a seven-inch that isn’t supposed to exist.

Nuclear Age

In fact, I actually got on my phone and went to the React! Records site to check out whether I missed out on a pre-order. I checked out the site as well as the new store site and found that it wasn’t listed nor was there any news of this release.

FullSizeRender 2

Well, I got curious and I asked how much one of the records were? Well, no one actually knew and a couple of the guys had a conference on how much to charge. Apparently one of the band members dropped them off at the table and left no instructions. Once they came to a decision about what the price was I snagged one and as I walked away from the table I discovered this.


Wow! Now, I don’t know if this was an actual test press or if it was a tour copy or whatever but that Rainbo Records logo is very recognizable.  It didn’t really matter to me though as I thought that it was really cool to get an advanced copy.  Also, that Nuclear Age stamp is pretty sweet.

I walked over to the table again and saw that the other three copies were still there so I decided to snag them all.  I knew if people found out about these things they were going to go quickly.  Well mission accomplished.  I grabbed the only copies they had eagerly.  I thought that this was a pretty cool find and I know a couple of people who would actually appreciate these.

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5 Responses to Nuclear Age

  1. massivewaste says:

    Nice platter, sell me one 🙂

  2. marcus says:

    I like the idea that this is a test press, there are only 4 copies in existence and you own them all :o)

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