Abuse of Power

It’s kinda cool seeing New Age Records release something new after so long.  Of course curiosity got the best of me and I decided to grab some copies of the Abuse of Power record.  What I actually like about this record is that any of these songs would have been right at home on the “Words to live by …” comp.


Mike Hartsfield definitely hasn’t lost his chops in picking out bands to represent his label.


The songs are pretty good being that this is a demo. If you check out their bandcamp (which I linked above) you can definitely hear some marked improvement with their newer songs. I still love listening to new bands and it looks like I might be listening to these guys for a little bit.

200 pressed pink lemonade
300 pressed transparent orange

Still available from the label.

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One Response to Abuse of Power

  1. Mike says:

    New Age had a pretty sketchy run through the 2000’s…lots of shit bands. Abuse of Power is a nice return to form for the label though. Thanks for posting this and forcing me to check them out. I will be buying this.

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