Jungle Jamz

When I first that this was being released I didn’t pay much attention to it thinking that I could put off purchasing this at a later date. Well shame on me for putting it off as it sold out fairly quickly. It didn’t really put me off too much as I’ve missed out on releases before and life goes on.

A couple of months ago I actually checked Climbin’ Aboard Records again to see if there was any news of a second press or anything else that I might be interested in. Again, the colored versions were definitely sold out and they only had black available, but hold on a second they put up a test press for sale. It got my attention but the only problem is they wanted way more than I wanted to pay.

Well earlier this month the aforementioned test press and all versions of the record appeared on eBay. So I put it on my watch list and just waited. I didn’t know if I was going to make a run for it so I just decided to wait. On the last day of bidding I made a bid for what I thought a fair value was going to be for all the records. Well I lost the auction since the offer I made was even below the asking price for the test press they had for sale.

The next day I got an email from the seller giving me a second chance offer for what I bid. I definitely got lucky on this and pretty much paid standard price for all of the records. Fucking Win!!!

First up is the yellow version limited to 150.

FullSizeRender 2

Next is black version limited to 250.

Jaguarz 2

Third is the green version limited to 100.

Jaguarz 3

Finally we have the test press out of 11. Thankfully I didn’t pull the trigger when I originally saw this in the store. If I did I wouldn’t have gotten a good deal out of it.

Jaguarz Test Press

I think I only have a few more posts that I have to do before the year ends. I’m hoping to get as many done in the next 10 days. Hopefully I can find some time. I shouldn’t be too hard but this Christmas thing gets in the way sometimes.

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3 Responses to Jungle Jamz

  1. marcus says:

    Good stuff! I missed every version of this. #annoyed

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